Saturday, August 20, 2011


One of the most obvious reasons to love Canada is Poutine. Originating in Quebec, this comfort food consists of three easy ingredients: french fries ("chips"), cheese curds, and gravy. That's it. Don't ask me why it tastes so good, it just does.

As a popular cultural treat, poutine can be found almost anywhere - including chip wagons alongside the road. Where I am currently vacationing in Westport, Ontario there are numerous chip wagons stationed along roads in the local towns. After passing by a handful of these poutine factories, I finally realized the destiny to which I have been called: to taste and grade each of these chip wagon's poutine.

I accept the challenge.

So, in the coming days I am going to be posting one report per day to determine just which of these local eateries produces the best version of this national delicacy. I will grade each ingredient separately (fries, gravy, cheese); but also grade the arrangement of ingredients; the portion size; the cost; and the all around satisfaction. These factors will amount to a grade based on a 10-pt system.

First up: Jeannie's Fresh Cut Fries.


  1. so...what's this one rated?

  2. dag I miss some Canadian poutine, we would mostly get it in New Hampshire (west stewartstown) cuz that's where kates grandma is, but all her fam is from Canada so we'd go over to Coaticook and places like that for it. It'll be interesting to compare the old and the new wagons at the end of this to see if there have been any improvements. I was never able to get any add-ons (hot dog, chix nuggets etc.), the original triefecta is too good. More pictures of the food are always appreciated. South Philly Tap Room served them briefly and they were ridiculous, some kind of mushroom sauce blah blah.