Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ma's Chip Wagon

Located on quiet Perth St. in Elgin, Ma's Chip Wagon is a hidden treasure. Donna, the friendly owner and operator of this wagon has only been in business for 2.5 years. But one taste of her chips will have you convinced that she is a veteran potato chef. The poutine found here is quite good and rates almost as high as anything I've had.

FRIES: Outstanding. Cut thicker than other wagons, these fries allow for a bit more taste of the potato. They are fresh, hot, and crispy. The fries are the highlight of this poutine.

CHEESE: Also phenomenal. Best curds thus far. Very salty with a nice milky, mozzarella flavor.

GRAVY: Good by itself, not so great in relation to other ingredients. Too salty to compliment fries and curds. Also a bit thick and not enough (by the end there is no gravy at the bottom so that fries are a bit dry).

ARRANGEMENT: Layered. Good arrangement; but slightly lacking gravy.

SIZE: Wonderful size; exactly like Jeannie's (round dish).

COST: $5.25 (a bit high)

COMMENTS: This was very good poutine. I would have it again in a second, only asking for extra gravy to keep those chips covered up to the last bite. Altogether, however, this is phenomenal poutine and the Elgin locals are truly sitting on a Yukon gold mine.

OVERALL SCORE: 8/10 - outstanding fries & curds. But the gravy and price set this wagon a half point behind a Jeannie.

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