Sunday, August 21, 2011


Conveniently located along Rt. 15 in Crosby, Kim's Chips is a baby chip wagon that has only been in business for a mere two months. Unfortunately, Kim's infancy also brings a naivete that produces low quality poutine at a high price.

FRIES: Mediocre. They are good size but quite bland; and a bit too soggy.

CHEESE: Decent curds but not much flavor. The amount of curds was also low.

GRAVY: Also mediocre. It is good consistency, but very bland. The gravy is the weak point of this poutine. There was too much of it.

ARRANGEMENT: Most ingredients are added atop rather than layered. Too much gravy caused bottom fries to become soggy.

SIZE: Decent size for a small. But the dish is rectangular and has a top (like a to-go box), which makes it more difficult to hold (e.g. while driving). It is a two-hand food. The portion might be a bit bigger that Jeannie's.


COMMENTS: For $6 I expected much more form Kim and her team. It was not bad per se, but there was nothing great about it. The gravy really brought the whole package down a few notches.

OVERALL SCORE: 5/10 - exactly 50% because it is just that: mediocre.

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