Tuesday, July 24, 2007

YouTube Debate a Joke

The Democratic Presidential hopefuls are so cool and hip that they can connect with the nation through YouTube! Or... they're so desperate for attention and advertising that they will waste thousands of campaign dollars to show they're face on CNN for an hour during a highly hyped debate sponsored by the internet's most popular free speech medium. If their mission was to walk circles around issues and waste the time of the viewers, then mission accomplished. I cannot believe how difficult it is for politicians to answer a question. Each candidate danced around straight answers; it was a joke.

And the bottom line is that every candidate thinks he or she has the right answer to everything. That's not a democracy, that's an autocracy. It will only lead to the inevitable end in which the Democrats will shoot each other before allowing someone other than their self to win the candidacy. I do have shreds of hope for something better, but when I see stuff like this I am burdened with the despair that all politicians are sucked into the downward spiral of the machine.

Still, I am supporting Barack Obama whom I think has the most genuine heart to serve and the most sincere foundation of values; his lack of experience is, in my opinion, an opportunity to regain control of a corrupt system through new personnel and building new bridges rather than old cronyism. For more information, see www.barackobama.com

Barack n' Roll.

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  1. some trust in horses, others in chariots.
    i believe in rock n roll.