Saturday, July 14, 2007

Apple, Do Something Constructive Like Make Good Products (Instead of Obnoxious Ads)

I'm getting super tired of Apple and their pretentious, artificial advertising campaign. Don't get me wrong, I love Apple's products - I'm actually updating my iPod on my MacBook Pro as I write this; but I am a bit fatigued by Apple's stupid self-absorbed ads on TV, in magazines and on the internet.
First of all, the arrogance displayed by the Mac vs. PC ads is just annoying (albeit funny at times). Get over yourself, Apple, you've created some crap products too. I happen to know a handful of a billion people who still prefer to use PCs. Secondly, the identity-themed ad campaign is quite possibly the most BS, dishonest (and probably most effective) idea ever. "You are your music" says one ad for iTunes. "Touching is believing" says another for the iPhone. Wow. Talk about a load of crap. Convincing people that they are what they own is not only the biggest load of garbage, but it creates a serious image/self-esteem problem that misses the point completely. Your music does not define you. Your contacts don't impress. "You're not your f***ing khakis." (Tyler Durden, Fight Club)
Ultimately, for a company that wants so desperately to be hip and cool, Apple sounds a lot like the Man.

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  1. Yeah good comments Josh. We need to vigorously resist having our identities shaped by corporations driven only by profit.