Sunday, June 17, 2007


Last night Shooter Jennings, son of famous country outlaw Waylon Jennings, performed in Rochester. I was there. The summer sun set over the miniature Rochester skyline while the masses quaffed the contents of their plastic cups. I was standing at the front of the herd. The majority of the goers had no clue what was to happen on the stage that stood before them. I did. Only moments later did a rabid crew of Shooter junkies come rasslin' in behind me. These were my good friends. As time ticked away, and despite Rochester's great lack of blue-collar, redneck, country folk, there was an air of 'God Bless America' hovering the pack. We were ready for Shooter.
At last Shooter, Ted, Leroy and Brian took the stage sporting nothing but the best deep-south apparel. Shooter's black leather vest with the words 'THE WOLF' and his leather-bound confederate flag guitar only aggrandized his presence on stage. Opening with "Electric Rodeo" set the stage for a show that never lacked energy nor country pride. Songs like "Busted in Baylor County," "Manifesto #2," and "Steady at the Wheel" were high on my list of favorites.
If you have not yet listened to Shooter, and you wish to die a happy man/woman, I highly recommend you give him a listen and discover the hidden country bumpkin that lies deep within.


  1. Sounds interesting. On the alt- country side I've just discovered Lucinda Williams whose double cd Live at the Filmore is a mindblower. Right noew I'm listenign to the debut album of the Stooges. Anyone who thinks punk began in England in 1976 with the Sex Pistols needs to hear this incredible slice of Detroit punk from 1969. It's like Cro-Magnon man disovered guitars, drums and amplifiers and thought they'd let their aggression out playing them. Jesse and I caught Wilco at the plaias in St. Kilda last month. It was a great concert. Heard their new album yet? Next up is Dylan at the Rod laver arena Aug. 19th.

  2. Yes, Jessie told me you saw Wilco! I've seen them too, they're wonderful live; so much detail and musicianship. Is this your first time seeing Dylan? It can't be! That will be great, I hope you have an awesome time.

    I'll look into the Stooges, sounds interesting.

    If you're feeling the alt-country vibe you MUST get into Ryan Adams. He's probably the best North American singer/songwriter since Neil Young. Post on this soon . . . :)

  3. It's actually my SEVENTH Dylan concert! Tragic I know.