Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Power of CAT POWER!

If you haven't already, do it. Listen, that is, to Cat Power. Chan Marshall is the singer/songwriter behind this band of one. You can find her on Matador Records alongside the likes of the New Pornogrophers, Belle&Sebastian, and Yo La Tengo. In addition to praise from critics everywhere, Cat Power won this year's Shortlist Prize for "... artists whose small commercial ripples belie their wake-making creative waves."
Her latest album entitled, "The Greatest" is so well put together that one cannot help but listen - everytime- to the record in its entirety. From the first dense piano stroke to the last gritty guitar, it is obvious that this album was produced over and over to reach its final state. And it's not exactly the worst singing you've ever heard either. Cat Power's voice is a paradox of subtly and authority.
And, on top of it all, this talented singer/songwriter is about the closest thing to a Victoria's Secret model that the indie music scene has produced. With her stunning looks on top of her musical talents, this brilliant belle is sure to continue making waves in the industry.


  1. She has an interesting verison of Dylan's "Paths of Victory" on a Dylan tribute album somewhere.