Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Religious Approach to God... [Peter Rollins]

"The religious approach to God drains life of its pleasure through offering an elusive being from beyond who one must either accept is... 

  • never fully present (thus rendering our faith practices into ultimately tedious disciplines), 
  • whom we think we can have bunt never encounter (making us feel excluded and unworthy), 
  • or who appears to us in exceptional moments (thus causing us to pursue ever more extreme religious practices that might create 'thin space' for these meetings). 
To approach God as a person we will meet in a future time, a person who is always avoiding us or whom we occasionally bump into, like some friend at a party, misses the properly theological insight that God is manifest only in our embrace and affirmation of the broken world." 

- Peter Rollins, Insurrection, 124

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