Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ebelhard Jungel on the Concept of God

"As far as the concept of God is concerned, the history of European Christianity until now has fallen prey to this danger in one regard. It has considered itself capable of thinking of God in his being as God without thinking of him simultaneously as the Crucified. A characteristic indication of that is the constantly recurring attempts ever since early church Christology to conceive of the death of the Crucified One as an event which only affected the 'true man' but not the 'true God.' The 'perfection' of God required by the law of metaphysics forbade imagining God as suffering or even thinking of him together with the one who was dead. This prohibition and its alleged reason are seen, however, from the perspective of the word of the cross, to be the basic aporia into which European theology has blundered."

- Ebelhard Jungel, God as the Mystery of the World, 39.

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