Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When Ideas Meet Real Life... (It Gets Messy)

I assume that when PERF plans the various Occupy evictions IN THEORY, it always looks neat and clean. But in reality there is a total disconnect between the theoretical plans and the human beings performing the evictions. Recent clashes between police and protesters indicate that the "powers that be" are failing miserably to take into consideration the human element of the Occupy Movement. This became even more clear last night as hundreds of Philadelphia police came out to evict the Occupy Philly movement.

My good friend was there through the night as human emotions ran wild. What is evident to me from both his eyewitness account and the videos posted here is that the not all human beings (or animals!) can handle such intensely emotional situations.

My friend shared with me how a police officer hit him from behind without warning while he and others were walking. Many of the police officers were using their bicycles as a ramming or blocking device and such was the case as the cop hit my friend in the back.

Not only did police use excessive force, but my friend shared that police had also removed their name badges so as to not be identified by protesters (which, by the way, is illegal). Cops also refused to give their badge numbers when asked by protesters.

The worst incident last night, however, came when a group of officers on horse charged a crowd on a sidewalk. The videos above and below speak for themselves.

Life is messy. Human beings are complex, emotional creatures. How long will it be before city governments start considering solutions that take seriously our human nature? When human beings are put into emotionally-charged situations such as these, it's a recipe for disaster. How many more incidents of fear-filled individuals acting out of their intended behavior before PERF changes their tactics?

Perhaps most important (and tragic) is that it is not the Occupiers who behave violently out of emotion and fear but rather the hired forces who are unapologetically thrown into these calamitous environments.

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