Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Age in Which We Live

Ten observations of our current world.

10. People at the gym work out with a little blue tooth device attached to their ear so that they can converse with other people thousands of miles away and/or look like Star Trek characters.

9. Grocery stores have to hire employees specifically to collect the shopping carts left in the parking lot by careless patrons.

8. My friend can pull a tiny device out of her pocket and begin a live video chat with someone thousands of miles away - all in a matter of seconds.

7. An average day includes roughly 87,000 flights over the continental USA, with over 5,000 airplanes in the sky at any given moment.

6. Urban teenagers can organize hundreds of their peers together in a matter of 30 minutes via Twitter (yet mainline churches can't organize ecumenical potluck dinners).

5. Food product companies have to boast that their product is made with "REAL" ingredients.

4. The FDA is about to approve genetically engineered atlantic salmon because salmon sellers want to produce more faster. At the same time scientists are "growing" beef in laboratories.

3. My friend who teaches in West Philadelphia was given a $150 budget for her teaching supplies for the year. She has spent over $200 of her own money, which she claims is normal for teachers at her school.

2. It is quite rare to see the operator of a moving automobile who is not also operating a mobile phone.

1. It is virtually impossible to eat a packaged food that does not have wheat or corn as a main ingredient.

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