Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shooter Shop Protest

Yesterday I joined the Heeding God's Call conference to begin putting pressure on another gun shop in Philadelphia (see video above). CLICK HERE for an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer about the protest.


  1. Your country's gun laws have me baffled.

  2. I know. And my current state, Pennsylvania, is the 2nd worst in the country. I understand if you want to go hunting, that's fine. But did you see the guns in this video that one can purchase from this shop? Assault rifles? AK-47's? I weep by the waters of Babylon.

  3. So, what exactly is an assault rifle? I don't think I read in the second amendment to the US constitution anything about what arms we have a right to bare.....maybe I missed it. Don't like the constitution? There is a provision to change it....why not try that?

  4. Question 1: "What exactly is an assault rifle?"

    Answer 1:

    Question 2: "Don't like the constitution? There is a provision to change it.... why not try that?"

    Answer 2: See above blog post.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Micah 4:3