Saturday, September 5, 2009

Psalm 23 - A Personal Translation

Have no fear! The Lord is my guide.
He directs me to rest in healthy places.
He leads me right beside the places for refreshment and nourishment.
He shows me the right way to live,
So that I might know Who He is.

Despite the uncertainty of life and the games that my demons play on my mind,
I will have no fear!
For the Lord, my guide, is right here with me.
His scepter shows me that He is King!
And His staff shows me that He too has walked this road before.
Therefore, even though this is difficult, I take comfort knowing that He is my guide.

I will not fear because the Lord is preparing me a feast!
Even now - in the presence of my struggles - He is providing for me.
Even now He is blessing me.
And He brings abundance, goodness, and mercy into my life - more than I had ever hoped for!
And as long as the Lord is my guide, my Lord, and my King (which He is whether I remember it or not), His blessings will be with my my entire life!

Starting now and forever more, I can dwell in the Lord's house as I learn to let Him guide me.

Thank you, Lord Jesus the Christ. You are my guide, my Lord, and my King. Amen.

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