Friday, June 13, 2008

OBAMA on Religion

Very intelligent thoughts from an intelligent man. See the clip here.

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  1. He's great. So is pluralism:

    "...Above all else the early Americans wanted political freedom. And the force of this impulse necessarily acted as a corrosive upon the illegitimate 'unions' of church and state which the post-Reformation era had brought forth. The establishments of the time were, by and large, either theocratic, wherein the state was absorbed in the church, or Erastian, wherein the church was absorbed in the state. In both cases the result was some limitation upon freedom, either in the form of civil disabilities imposed in the name of the established religion, or in the form of religious disabilities imposed in the name of the civil law of the covenanted community. The drive toward poplar freedom would with a certain inevitability sweep away such establishments. Men [Humans] might share the fear of Roger Williams, that the state would corrupt the church, or the fear of Thomas Jefferson, that the church would corrupt the state. In either case their thought converged to the one important conclusion, that an end had to be put to the current confusions of the religious and political orders."

    -John Courtney Murray, S.J.; 1960