Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Living in the Future: A Parable

A man desired to leave his homeland and live in a country far away across the sea; for this land was more beautiful and more peaceful than any other land. So he made arrangements to move but could not receive his property for seven years.

While he waited the man began learning how to speak the language spoken in his future homeland. In addition, he began practicing their familial traditions and social customs. He even wore their conventional clothing.

Some years went by and many countrymen inquired as to why the man was living so strangely. The man explained that although he was waiting seven years to move, he had begun living the lifestyle of his future and begun speaking the language spoken by his future countrymen. Fascinated by the man's divergent lifestyle, the countrymen craved to know more about this faraway kingdom.

When the seven years of waiting had finally passed the man was permitted to move to his new property. But seeing that his fellow countrymen were now too living the ways of the faraway country, the man decided to stay in his homeland and share in the new lifestyle with them.

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